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Gourmet Flavors

Chocolate Cake
Rich Chocolate flavor, made with 100% cocoa


Cinnamon Swirl
Loaded with cinnamon and butter. Delicious with salted caramel or cinnamon buttercream


Coconut Cream Cake
Made with coconut milk and finely ground coconut.with a hint of vanilla


Vanilla Cake
Traditional Vanilla cake made with real Madagascar vanilla Beans


Marble Cake
Made with 50% Chocolate cake and 50% vanilla cake



Specialty Cakes
**Not available for tiered or 3D cakes, subject to temperature restrictions


Turtle Cake
Made with a dark rich chocolate cake, layered with a Whipped Chocolate Mousse frosting and layers of Salted Caramel buttercream with bits of toffee candy.


Italian Lemon Cream Cake
Light, melt in your mouth lemon cake made with lemon juice and lemon zest. Paired with a light lemon whipped cream cheese frosting, topped with a vanilla crumble.


Buttercream Flavors


Vanilla Buttercream
Silky, smooth, all butterbased made with real vanilla beans. The base for many of my buttercream flavors


Chocolate Buttercream
Light, smooth Chocolate buttercream made with 100% cocoa


Cinnamon Buttercream
Whipped light with cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg


Whipped Butter Cream Cheese
Lighter than traditional cream cheese **Available for an additional $.50 per serving also subject to temperature restrictions


Cookies and Cream
Whipped light vanilla buttercream with crushed chunky cookie crumble. **Available for an additional $.50 per serving


Salted Caramel Buttercream
Salted caramel, made from scratch and simmered to perfection blended into vanilla buttercream with a hint of salt to balance the sweet


Peanut Butter Buttercream
Whipped light an smooth, delicious with chocolate cake


Lemon Buttercream
Light, luscious lemon flavor made from freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest


Raspberry Buttercream
Made with fresh raspberries and/or jam infused in with the vanilla buttercream


Strawberries and Cream
Made with delicious ripe strawberries and/or jam


Chocolate Ganache
Made with fine chocolates and rich cream.


*Chocolate Ganache is offered instead of Buttercream per request under fondant cakes for and additional $15 (4 and 6 inch cakes) – $20 (8 inch and up) per tier.
Stands up well in the warmer climates.
Naked ganache cakes are a beautiful artistic conversation cake and offer a delicious alternative to buttercream.

Available in milk or white chocolate ganache.


Fillings, Compote and fresh Fruit
*Available for an additional $.75 per serving


Raspberry Filling
Made with fresh raspberries, sieved to remove seeds and cooked down to perfection with a hint of lemon and sugar


Fresh Strawberries
Sliced fresh ripe strawberries layered in between cake. Best paired with vanilla cake


Blueberry Filling
Made with fresh blueberries from scratch, with a hint of lemon and nutmeg


Apple Compote
In season apples cooked down to the perfect tenderness, with butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Tastes just like homemade apple pie. Best paired with vanilla or cinnamon swirl cake


We use only the highest quality ingredients – sweet cream butter, fresh fruits and real Madagascar Vanilla Beans. All the recipes are made fresh to order with real ingredients and flavors that we can get our hands on! I prefer to buy local, fresh ingredients – including the eggs!. We make our own cakes, fillings, compotes, caramel and all buttercream from scratch!

Please note, that once the cake has been picked up by you or a designated party and/or delivered, it is considered “accepted.” All product is the responsibility of the customer once accepted. The Cakery is not responsible for the weather therefore please take extra care with your work of art during hot, humid, raining times and refrigerate accordingly.


Once the design, flavors and dates are agreed upon, a non refundable 50% retainer are required to officially book your date. All dates are considered open until retainer and/or full payment have been received. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis.


We typically book up to 3 – 6 months in advance in the peak wedding season. However do not hesitate to contact me for availability, life happens and cancellations occur.