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Fill out the order form below to be contacted for a quote. Submitting an order form does not reserve your event, after we receive your order, a 50% deposit is required to secure your date. Custom, bespoke cake inquiries must submitted at least two weeks prior to the date requested to ensure availability. Signature cakes and cupcakes will typically need a 48 hour notice.

Build Your Cake!


*Vanilla | *Chocolate | *Marble |  Lemon | Orange | Coconut | Cinnamon Swirl | Pumpkin | Carrot | Banana
*Traditional flavors – all others are considered specialty | gourmet flavors


*Vanilla | *Chocolate | Chocolate Mousse | Mocha Espresso |  Cookies ‘n Cream | Salted Caramel | Peanut butter | Lemon | Raspberry | Coconut |
*Traditional flavors – all others are considered specialty | gourmet flavors


An additional .50 per serving

Dark chocolate ganache | White chocolate ganache | Crushed Oreo cookies | Caramelized pineapple | Toasted Coconut | Raspberry filling | Blueberry Compote | Fresh sliced strawberries | Lemon Curd | Apple Pie filling


Sprinkles | Sugar cookie crumble | Cookie crumble | Fresh raspberries | Fresh blueberries | Fresh strawberries | Fresh blackberries* | Pool of caramel | Lemon curd | Graham cracker crumble | Toasted marshmallow | Mini cake donut**

*seasonal **mini cake donuts are .50c per and are meant for garnishing cakes


Fondant is a sugar paste, like a chewy vanilla marshmallow. It will give your cake design a flawless surface as well as many more design options for you. Want that pure all white cake? Fondant will help achieve that design. Fondant is also used to make the sugar flowers and/or sugar greenery.  If you are not a fan of the flavor and/or texture, simply peel it off, there is always a layer of vanilla buttercream underneath to adhere the fondant too.

Fresh and Sugar Flowers

When considering the design of your cake, your budget  will depend on if sugar flowers vs real fresh flowers are the best option for you. All of the cake pricing does not include any florals or greenery. Depending on the style and size of the handmade sugar flower, they can range from $5 to $20 each. Sugar flowers typically have wires and/or styrofoam in the base to ensure a sound structure. Although the petals, dusting and paints are all edible – we recommend you keep as token from your event.

If you prefer fresh floral elements, please make sure to order them from your florist at least one month prior to your big day, send us the info and we will gladly pick up the day before.

These are the best cakes around! You can tell by the attention to detail in each one that they are made with pride, and  taste as good as they look!”

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Cake Size *Buttercream Only

Custom Cake

Cupcake Order Size

I understand that submitting this form does not reserve my event until I have paid a 50% deposit, and that The Cakery does not accept orders without a minimum of 2 weeks notice and is subject to availability.

Wait, I have a question!

How will I get my cake?

The Cakery will deliver your custom cake and /or cupcakes, however  we are not responsible to set up your display. If you would need this service, please mention at the time of your order and a $25 set up fee will be added to the overall total.

Wedding cakes are typically delivered after the ceremony, and before the cocktails/reception hour. Ceremony locations, reception rooms and times are all very important to making sure everything arrives on time, please make sure to Include these details on the order form. Typically the venue will have a cutting fee and designated person(s) to cut your cake, The Cakery does not offer a cutting service | fee. We will deliver the cake assembled as well as a cutting guide for those parties designated to disassemble, cut and serve the cake(s).

How soon should I reserve my date with you?

For our busy wedding months, we start talking consultations the year before, and often book up 50% our availability. We max out at so many orders per week, and tend to book up for the busy months (May-October) months before. As soon an you know what you are looking for we recommend booking as soon as possible.

To officially book, a 50% non refundable deposit must be made, and the remaining amount one month before the event. Once a quote has been given, the quote is guaranteed for one week. After this time the quote is subject to price increases/review. If you are unsure about the number of servings you will need, the quantity can be adjusted closer to the event date. For a decrease in size, up to one month prior to the event the order can be decreased by 25% without a penalty.

How do I cut this cake?

Here is a basic guide to cutting a round cake. Cakes larger than 5″ are usually cut in a grid fashion as opposed to a pie shaped slice. This guide is based off of 1″ by 2″ with two layers of cake per serving(s). The Cakery cakes are three layers of cake per (unless otherwise specified at the time of the order) therefore will yield additional servings.

By Appointment Only:

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